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Ant Puppet

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These Ant Puppets are nice and chunky for little hands and are sure to inspire lots of imaginative play. 

Print the template straight onto two sheets of coloured printer card and add a craft stick handle. It’s easy to make your ant puppet walk along by gently twisting your wrist from side to side.

This ant activity is great for Summertime and bug, insect and minibeast study units.

Please note the photographs show this craft made with wiggle eyes. If you prefer you can draw your eyes on instead.


  • Two page step by step instructions and photographs
  • Two page craft template 

Additional Requirements: Printer cardstock, craft stick, marker pen, glue, scissors.

Optional: wiggle eyes.

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Customer Reviews


Verified Buyer

4 months ago

Kid friendly craft

Love this craft and how access was so incredibly easy. Great price, came quickly, and instructions are easy to follow. Thanks!

Citres H.

4 months ago

this template make me more easier to teach stufdents about insect, especially about ant

l liked the easy pattern, the color is so clear

Cheryl N. Brisbane Q.

Verified Buyer

4 months ago

Red Fire Ants.....beware!

My grandsons, 6, 5 and 4 years, are having so much fun terrorising all and sundry with their red fire ant puppets. I thought there would be a colourful selection but no everyone wanted to make red ants. The younger ones needed some help cutting our the shapes but everyone found it enjoyable gluing the pieces together and creating their own "ant". All the ants had different facial expressions! The bonus was practical practicing of fine motor skills which at their ages is essential.


Verified Buyer

5 months ago


So much fun for our church kids! I did draw marks on the legs and antennas to show the kids where to fold. I also precut all of the pieces for them. Our verse was Proverbs 6:6